learning a NEW poetry style: Haiku


Well, I’m definitely NOT a poet! In my family, that would be my Mother, and I’m not about to accroach that distinction! I believe I may have heard about the poetry style of Haiku before…but not being overly interested until recently, I haven’t known what exactly makes a poem a Haiku!

If you are like me and are unfamiliar with Haiku…..learn about it at Haiku – Wikipedia and/or  Haiku – WikiHow.  {Do it!  Click the link and learn something NEW!} 😮

This Haiku by Brian P Cleary brought a smile to my face (as my son is, at this very moment, going through his grades online)!


Four days of the year,

One tiny piece of paper

Turns my stomach sour.

There’s even a program that will detect a Haiku in a transcript for you! {check it out here} Although, there’s a lot more to a Haiku than the mere counting of syllables, I thought that sounded like a very fun thing to do!  One of these days, I’d like to write a Haiku for/about each family member and have people guess which poem is for each individual.  Part of the beauty of writing poetry, is writing in a way that isn’t too transparent…but isn’t too terribly difficult to understand either.  It’s a tricky balancing act I think!

Also, as I’ve been poking around poetry sites  lately, I learned something else NEW!  I did NOT know the United States had a Poet Laureate.  Did you!?!   Check her out here!

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