NEW cookie recipe…tried and true from off the back of the bag!


I tried a NEW cookie recipe….right off the back of the bag of butterscotch chips!  I figured it was most likely a tried and true recipe and wouldn’t let me down! Right-O!  They were YUMMY!  So…..what do you think?  Should they be called Oatmeal Scotties….OR Oatmeal Scotchies?

Of course, I wanted to learn something NEW today, so I researched BUTTERSCOTCH!  It’s funny…it seems the historians can’t really agree on where the term came from.  Usually when I research something, there’s TONS of information.  Not so with Butterscotch!  Hmmmm…is it named butterscotch because the confectionaries had to scorch the butter and sugar?  I looked up toffee too, since butterscotch is similar to toffee but is only boiled to the soft-stage and not the hard crack stage that toffee is.  Well…the origin of the word toffee is UNKNOWN also!  I’m striking out today!  I think I’ll go have some milk and cookies!

Learn or DO something NEW today!