NEW photos of my week #33

brokengateThis broken gate is my favorite pic from this morning’s photo walk….and most of the roses around this gazebo were dead, but a few hardy ones were hanging on!


Have a great week!  Do or Learn something NEW!

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16 thoughts on “NEW photos of my week #33

  1. I’d like to go on a walk there . . . which reminds me my neighborhood is really pretty . . . I think I’ll go outside this morning


  2. The light in these photographs is extraordinary. They really are stunning. Love that fence, and the gazebo. The roses are so pretty. Must have been a joy to photograph.


  3. Your photos are amazing. I love the light! I’m also completely intrigued by the premise of your blog, Lenore. It’s so cool! I can’t wait to come back to follow you on your journey to do one new thing every day.


    • Thank you Colleen! I enjoyed your site too! You know, traveling to San Antonio is on my bucket list. I hear the walk by the river is a ‘must – do’. Hopefully I’ll get to do that sooner than later!


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