NEW photos of my week #34


I went out shooting yesterday and was a bit disappointed at the lack of…really anything, that caught my eye.  I came home and told my hubby that along with “No Shave November” (my son has a bushy, bushy beard)…this month should also be known as “Nothing to shoot November”!

However, I’ve learned that a good photographer can create a good photo out of nothing…so I ventured out and gave it my best shot 🙂

For the top photo, I’ll link to Song-ography. I was inspired by the great photos in this week’s song video:

Also, this week on Scavenger Hunt Sunday, the prompts were: Starts w/S, Texture, A Blessing, Warmth, and I Went.  Here are my interpretations:


Starts w/S: Stuck!




A Blessing: Friends that bring you cookies to enjoy!


Warmth: Is this too much of a stretch?  Firewood is potential warmth, right? 🙂


I Went…to the park to get a shot of Mt Timpanogos.

And one last miscellaneous pic:


Have a terrific week!  Do or learn something NEW!

11 thoughts on “NEW photos of my week #34

  1. Way to go! – Your perseverance paid off. Great photo of the hearts/leaves.
    Enjoyed your hunt as well and really loved your last shot. How gorgeous is that view.


    • Thanks Ida! I loved browsing through your site too! Loved the ‘Doggone Cute’ doggy! I tried to leave a comment, but I don’t think it worked….but didn’t want to do it again, just in case it did work :o) Ha! Anyway, thanks for your sweet comment! Have a great day!


  2. Well I think you did a GREAT job considering it was “Nothing to Shoot November” 🙂 Love the creativity of the heart. And home IS where the heart is….which is something to celebrate! Thanks for joining in on Song-ography this week.


  3. Oh my gosh these were so beautiful I have to go through them again! Very creative especially the leaves up against the fence! Really an awesome capture!


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