a NEW healthy habit


I’ve formed a NEW healthy habit!  {I’ve been doing this for a while now…so I think I can say it’s truly a habit } :o)  Each morning, I juice half a lemon into a full glass of water and chug it down (yup, sour!…but you get used to it).   Years ago, I read how good lemons are for you, and I remember going on a lemon tangent; but, of course, that didn’t last too long.  So this time, I’m not going to over-do it…just a 1/2 lemon a day and I think I can maintain this healthy habit.  Check out these benefits of drinking lemon water:


Try it (or something else NEW)!

3 thoughts on “a NEW healthy habit

  1. im also doing the same and getting used to the sour taste of hot lemonade….thanks for sharing


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