a NEW treat on my porch


Aren’t these pretty little cookies? AND they taste even better than they look!  {You know I’m addicted to photography when I have to take a photo of a nice, sweet treat my kind neighbor leaves on my porch!}  But really, they are soooo pretty!

Tip:  These will even freeze well!  I know, because by the time we returned home, these little darlings were frozen from being on my porch for a few hours.  But after they thawed, they were still delish!

I’ve begged for the recipe, so I’ll try and post that soon.

Have a great day!  Learn or Do something NEW…(leaving a treat for a neighbor is a good idea)!  Thanks Darci!

3 thoughts on “a NEW treat on my porch

  1. Thank you for liking my blog. I really enjoyed looking around yours. Great photos and love the “Putting into practice” page. What a great idea. Look forward to your future posts! Mary


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