a NEW photo for A Lingering Look At Windows


Hi all!  Happy Tuesday!  When I took this photo of this window on our vacation, I specifically thought about the  ‘A Lingering Look at Windows’ link up….but then it took a while to sift through the vacation photos!  This is at a very public spot….can anyone recognize this window?  Ok, ok…a hint:  It’s in the state of Oregon.  Anyone? Anyone? :o)   A gold star for anyone who gets it right!

Have a great day!  Do or Learn something NEW!

9 thoughts on “a NEW photo for A Lingering Look At Windows

  1. I love windows! Yours is beautiful, the color and the stone around it. I have no idea where it may be, I have never been to Oregon. Looks like a great place.


  2. That is a beautiful photo of a window…were you in France because it reminds me of France…just lovely with it’s own texture from the brick and the color blue….oh how pretty..
    Thank you for your visit to my blog…and I wish I had been here to answer each post as it came in.I love that you visited and it was sweet of you to have a look…what a lovely blogging community we have…and now, I have found you…
    Have a lovely week.


  3. Windows are a fascinating subject and I love this set with the panes and blue looking frame. Thank you for visiting my space!


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