NEW photo of my week #53


Happy Friday! So…my 16 year old son wasn’t impressed with this still-life creation…or at least he wouldn’t admit it.  We were waiting in the drive-up lane at In & Out and I asked my son to jump out and pick a few stems from a plant that was close by.  He did…and then I came home to play!  The above was the result. When I showed my son the edited  photo and thanked him for picking the stems, he didn’t seem too impressed.  Surprise, surprise!  :o)

Have a great weekend!  Do or learn something NEW!…even if it’s picking plants at fast-food restaurants!

I’ll link to Kim Klassens’ Friday Finds!

21 thoughts on “NEW photo of my week #53

  1. I like your picture, but the stories & comments I like almost better. My son appreciates my artwork more now, but he is over 30 years. Don’t hold your breath, but never give up on him!


  2. Lovely photo. Boys and flowers are sometimes a difficult combination. My 8 year-old can get a bit sniffy if I spend too long admiring something in the flowerbed. It reminds me of the old story about the difference between the old man and the young man being that the old man will step carefully around the flower in his path whereas the young man will have no scruple about walking over it. Maybe our appreciation of beauty is something that matures with the years. All the best for a lovely weekend, Bonny


  3. I love this story–I have three sons (older now) but certainly remember those days–beautiful capture and lovely edit! BTW, I’m so glad you visited over at my place–so good to meet you!


  4. How funny! I love pictures that have a great story behind them. Your son helped you create a wonderful still life, the little container full of flowers is a great prop.


  5. Well, I’m impressed! Beautiful still life- and wonderful that your son took part in the creation!


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