a NEW recipe…to use up my basil with



Happy Friday!  I kind of, sort of…pretty much forgot about the basil that I planted early this summer.  It didn’t seem to be doing all that great in the heat, but my hubby brought in some last night and said there was quite a bit more.  So, I tried this NEW salad dressing recipe.  The recipe called for 2 1/2 cups of chopped basil.  Normally, that might be a bit much to harvest all at one time, but we had plenty of it!

Here’s the Recipe:


Have a terrific weekend!  Do something NEW!

4 thoughts on “a NEW recipe…to use up my basil with

  1. Oh this sounds so wonderful. How I wish I had that much basil to use. LOVE Basil and haven’t had much success growing it, so always end up having to buy. Any secrets to successfully growing it?


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