Miscellaneous Monday…NEW stuff i gotta share


Happy Monday! I hope you all are enjoying the beautiful SPRING!

Well, the NEW things I want to share this week are some very random things I learned recently at a genealogy conference I attended.  So…in genealogy, we strive to find birth dates, marriage dates, death dates etc…and any additional historical information about marriage customs might just help us do that.  I didn’t previously know what ‘Bundling’ was.   However, now that I know, it probably won’t help me break through any genealogical brick walls, but I have to say it is interesting!

Did you know that sweethearts in the 18th century were not only allowed to sleep together before marriage, but were encouraged to???  It was known as ‘Bundling’ (check out Wikipedia OR This Blog)

I also learned of the history of  the Italian infant abandonment system and its name-assignment practices.  (Terrific article HERE)  I found it so sad that unwed mothers could anonymously abandon their babies in a rotating wheel that was on an outside wall of a hospital!  Wow.

That’s it for that random stuff.  Have a great day! Do or learn something NEW!





10 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Monday…NEW stuff i gotta share

  1. Bundling… who knew?? Now bundling has a new meaning in the technological world. It’s when you bundle an internet package with tv viewing packages etc. with the cable co. HA HA HA
    This photo is stunning!


  2. Excellent examples of how morality is often dictated by the times. I am fascinated by how fluid human traditions are – we are a brilliant, innovative, adaptive group. 🙂


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