a NEW collection of Spring photos


Happy Friday!  Well, I tried something NEW and made an e-photo book of Spring photos on Smilebox HERE.

My review of the Smilebox site:  I’d give the site a B.  It was quite easy to use, but I think they could do so much better with more fonts and better photo resizing capability.  It kind of bugs me that it takes a few seconds to load the album (about 8 seconds!….ETERNITY!!!)…but that’s life, I guess. Check it out and let me know what you think!  (Although all photos included in the album have already been previously posted…so nothing really NEW!  :o)

Have a great day!

6 thoughts on “a NEW collection of Spring photos

  1. Your post just made me think of how blogs can be like backpacking. I know, crazy right?

    So one thing I like about hiking high into the mountains is that I can keep experiencing Spring all summer long. I plan my hikes based on the climate and elevation, and I go hike to where Spring is just beginning. ….Well, we had such a mild winter that spring came early to Portland. Blossoms and gardens look more like summer than spring right now. And then your post came up and I realized: Not all of the spring photos have been posted yet! If I don’t have time to hike, I can scan my favourite blogs and find the spring flowers. 🙂

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