a NEW thought Thursday


Happy Thursday!  Yes, I know all about scent being a powerful memory trigger. Smelling lilacs fills my memory of my backyard of the home where I grew up – that yard had a large hedge of lilac bushes. Oh, the scent of lilacs…fabulous!

Have a terrific Thursday! Do or learn something NEW!

9 thoughts on “a NEW thought Thursday

  1. Agreed …. scent/perfume or simply putting it as ‘smell’ … can all bring back such powerful memories. Lilacs bring back memories of the garden we had when I was a child. There was a purple lilac tree in the garden and I loved it more than anything. Everything wonderful was done under that tree, from learning how to gambole (rolling your body over, head on the ground first then pushing over. Not sure what you might call it in your corner of the world), to making daisy chains, homework, playing with the dog. Everything wonderful happened under that tree, when I was young.


  2. Too funny, I took a similar picture of our hedge of lilacs yesterday because they reminded me of my childhood and my mother. It just seemed to be part of Mother’s Day as a child.


  3. I can’t smell anymore – well, I can a bit, but in a smell test I am considered to suffer from profound loss of smell – and I worry that it is effecting my ability to acquire memories like I once did. At least I am aware I guess. 😉


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