Miscellaneous Monday…NEW stuff i gotta share


Happy Monday! I just realized that other than the quick ‘n easy Thursday Thoughts posts, this blog has been pretty dormant this summer.  I really don’t know where my time goes! Where? Really, where? I’m sure you all can relate though, right?

Well, the photo above seems a bit abstract, huh?  It’s a shot just looking straight up while we hiked last weekend. I thought it was a good fit for miscellaneous Monday.  And…other miscellany:

I saw this pic recently and had to laugh because it reminded me of my boys when they were little. They were such innocent little stinkers sometimes, haha!

brothers sisters(source)

Also a friend recently informed be of an app that you can scan food products with your phone and it will give it a grade (A, B+, C- etc), and also give you alternatives.  I had fun going through my pantry and seeing what my average grade was.  The app is called Fooducate. Our techy world is really kind of fun in certain ways. :o)

Also, on the healthy eating subject, I’m lovin’ the two-ingredient cookies (you’ve probably heard of them).  SO easy to prepare and I add a few chocolate chips to mine and they help the afternoon sweet attacks that I get. Yeah! – that’s a really good thing.

Lastly, I’ll just let you know that I learned about a NEW activity called volksporting. Now I think I’ll have to add a least one volksporting activity to my bucket list – and maybe include geocaching with it. (gotta make good use of hubby’s expensive GPS gadgets somehow!).

Have a great day! Do or learn something NEW!




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