NEW boat photos of my week


Happy Wednesday!

I think I’m obsessed with boats – or at least photographing boats on calm, beautiful blue water!  It must be because I live in the desert.  I recently went on a girls weekend getaway to Seattle and Victoria, BC.  It was a fun sister-party! Here are more boat pics from the weekend – and boy, do I have tons of botanical pics from Butchart Gardens to share (eventually).


Someone had fun sailing between the San Juan islands.


This is a twin of the ferry we waited three hours to get on, to go to BC!  Who knew it was a Canadian holiday and a three-day weekend!!??!!  Note to sisters – check Canadian calendar next time!  Here…I’ll save us the trouble: Canadian Statutory Holidays.


I should make a jigsaw puzzle out of the one above, eh? It would be a tough one. :o)


White on blue – one of my favorite color schemes!

And…one more…a tiny boat among docked boats:


Have a great day. Do or learn something NEW!

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  1. I also love boats (grew up sailing them!) so it’s so nice to see these pictures. I think your puzzle idea is great – we have a jigsaw puzzle table at the library where I work and it’s very popular!


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