a NEW recipe…homemade stawberry ice cream


Happy Tuesday!  A few days ago, my hubby made fresh-homemade strawberry ice cream!  YUMMY!  I printed off the recipe from Pioneer Woman’s website, and then ran off to a church meeting.  He did all the work and I got to eat the scrumptious results!  It was creamy-yummy-goodness!

Have a great day!  Do or learn OR EAT something NEW!

8 thoughts on “a NEW recipe…homemade stawberry ice cream

  1. We made homemade ice cream Sunday. Btw, we only live about 30 miles from the Pioneer Woman. Not that it is a big deal but many around here make ice cream for gatherings. Thanks!


    • Pioneer Woman is awesome! Tell her ‘hello’ from me if you ever bump into her! :o) We should start some ice cream ‘gatherings’ around here…sounds fun!


      • It would be a fun thing to start. I actually have never run into her but do Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood a lot. Garth remembers me by name now.


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