a NEW awesome artistic medium


Incredible eye make-up huh?  I  saw this over at Out of The Well blog and she said she saw it at The Journal blog! :o)  You should go to either of those sites to see LOTS more examples of this amazing art!

Since my name is LENORE, I just had to post this one!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked,  “Oh, do you know there’s a famous poet that wrote a poem called ‘Lenore’?”  …Do you mean the famous poet Edgar Allan Poe?  Why YES, YES, and YES,….I DID know that!  {Quit asking me that!!! :o}

Sorry for the Wednesday Rant! :o)  It’s all cool!  Have a great day!  Do something NEW… (except ask people REALLY obvious questions that may or may not annoy them)!


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