way cool NEW things to do with rocks


Happy Wednesday!  I captured this photo standing on a bridge looking down into a small stream and couldn’t help but think how even rocks can be really beautiful.  Then I noticed a few NEW and creative things people do with rocks.  Here are only a few of them:



mosaic   paint rockflowers

Have a great day!  Make it ROCKIN’ and try something NEW!

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7 thoughts on “way cool NEW things to do with rocks

  1. So many great ideas for rocks, Lenore! I used hand lettered river rocks as garden markers in my herb and tea garden! They were painted by a dear friend… and are never carried away by wind or rain! ♡


  2. Wall art. Silly me. That’s what you get for getting over excited before you’ve finished your first cup of coffee in the morning


  3. Wow! I love the footsteps and as for the awl art, I an so making one of those – you know as soon as I get around to it. I’m told they sell round tuits at our nearest seaside town so I’ll get one when I’m next there 😀


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