a NEW Thursday Thought


Ahhh…Busyness! It’s a balancing act!  I previously posted that I agree with the saying: “Stop the Glorification of Busy”…which I still agree with (previous post HERE).  BUT, I also know that life happens.  Sometimes we’re busier than other times.  So…here’s some GOOD advise for those times:  Bee calm and carry on.  Bees are VERY productive…always busy, busy, busy; but they go about their business so calmly!  I think they’re a great example!

Have a great Thursday!  Do or learn something NEW!

NEW photo of my week #42


I’ve decided that getting a shot of a bee on a flower is almost sheer luck…and getting TWO bees, is REALLY lucky!…because if you see a bee and want to take its photograph, by the time you get your camera up to your eye to focus, the bee is already somewhere else.  (And you can get really dizzy trying to follow those busy bees from petal to petal!!! Yes, that’s experience talking!)  It’s MUCH easier on your equilibrium to just focus on a flower and HOPE that those busy insects buzz into your area of focus.

Have a great week! Do or Learn Something NEW!