a NEW recipe review


Happy Friday everyone!  Well, it’s soup season, right?  This week I tried a NEW soup recipe and thought I’d give it a review.  I made Wisconsin Cauliflower Soup, and although I liked it…it was NOT a copycat version of Zupa’s (as it was advertised).  My hubby and I went to Zupa’s just a few weeks ago, and I had their WCS…so the flavor is quite fresh in my memory :)…but sadly, I don’t think this recipe comes quite close enough to call it copycat.  BUT…I’m really glad I tried it.  I’ve never made cauliflower soup before, so I got to learn something NEW!  I give this soup recipe three out of five stars.  Now, IF it had been a true Zupa’s copycat it would’ve been five out of five stars!  🙂

Have a great weekend!  Try something NEW!