a NEW salsa recipe


Happy Friday! Well, as you know…I’m trying NEW recipes that use up some of my fresh herbs from my indoor herb garden.  I had lots of cilantro to use up, so…I ask  you….what is better than fresh salsa????  YUM!  I tried this NEW recipe from Purple Chocolat Home (she always posts great recipes!)  I liked using my blender and it was a VERY quick and easy recipe to pull together.

I can’t decide which I like better – chunky salsa or not-chunky salsa.  I adore BOTH really. 🙂  Have a great Friday and DO or LEARN something NEW!

miscellaneous NEW stuff


I realize I haven’t been posting much lately!  Life happens…ya know?!?  So, what’s NEW?  Well, a bunch of minor, miscellaneous STUFF!

The photo above is my NEW indoor herb garden that I got for Christmas.  I LOVE it!  Since I keep it in my pantry, I pay MUCH MORE attention to it than I would if it were outside!   I started it exactly one month ago…and the dill is going wild already!  I can’t wait until I can actually harvest enough to use! I’ve been psych-ing myself up for harvest time by pinning ideas…check out my ‘Fresh Herb Recipes’ board on Pinterest.  I have dill, cilantro, chives, two types of basil and parsley. Fun!…and if I photography any food dishes, it’ll be nice to have fresh herbs on hand to make the photos more interesting, right?!

Have a great day!  Do or Learn something NEW!….and if you need a good laugh, check out this funny   hilarious video.  {I about cried, I was laughing so hard!!!}