Five NEW sites to visit to be Well-Rounded

Before I started this blog, I was a huge fan (well, I still am) of READING blogs because of all the NEW things I could learn!  I’d try to check a blog every day for each area of my life (physical, spiritual, intellectual, emotional, financial etc).  If I limited the blog reading to five areas each day, I could be motivated in each area, plus I could get away from the computer and actually have a life too! I thought I’d share some of the great blogs I’ve found…and there are so many, that I think this may be an ongoing series….at least for a while.

PHYSICAL: Melina’s Fitness Blog (She posts often and is fun and motivating)

SPIRITUAL: The Redheaded Hostess  (I love her ideas for scripture study)

INTELLECTUAL: Light Stalking  (I’m studying photography these days)

EMOTIONAL: The Generous Wife (This one keeps me from taking my terrific husband for granted)

FINANCIAL: Advice From Dave Ramsey (Love his radio show too)

So check out some NEW sites today, and be a WELL-ROUNDED blogger!

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