NEW photos of my week #29 and an act of kindness


I think it is AWESOME when people do something for the sole purpose of making someone smile.  I’m choosing to believe that’s what happened here:  I went on a photo walk yesterday and wandered by an abandoned gas station.  There were two old cars parked in the stalls where the gas pumps used to be.  The windows of the cars were really quite dirty, but as I looked closer….I saw Mickey and Minnie in one of the cars…and I couldn’t help but SMILE!  I think the owner put M&M there just to make people smile (unless Mickey and Minnie were so big the owners didn’t have room in their house to put them).  But again, I’m choosing to believe they’re there for people’s pleasure.  I think it was a GREAT idea and an act of kindness to do that!

Have a great week!  Learn or DO something NEW!