a NEW camp site shared with siblings and niblings

panguitchlakePanguitch Lake, UT {source)

How was everyone’s weekend?  I  previous mentioned that I was spending my 4th of July at a family reunion.  It was great!  Especially since I got to go somewhere NEW!  We had about seventy family members camping at Panguitch Lake, so I got to spend the weekend with my siblings and niblings.  I just learned that NEW word (nibling) from The Everywhereist, although it hasn’t made it to my dictionary yet :o)

Anyway…I grew up in “Color Country“….meaning we were surrounded by beautiful mountains and colorful rock formations which we visited A LOT  like….

Cedar Breaks:


Bryce Canyon:


Zion National Park:


BUT…I’d never been to Panguitch Lake.  So I enjoyed that NEWNESS!  And check out these CUTE family reunion shirts  that EVERYONE wore!