Miscellaneous Monday…NEW stuff i gotta share


Happy Monday!  (Oops, where did the time go?  I guess this post is getting published a day late…Happy Miscellaneous Tuesday!)

Well friends, I have some major, time-consuming projects in the works and I need to apologize in advance that posts may be sparse in the next few months.  Nevertheless, today I’d like to share these miscellaneous items with you:

  1. I found a great NEW family history blog with, what looks like, some of the lines I need to research further.  I’ll be contacting the blogger soon to see if we can collaborate. Anyone else looking for Thornton genealogy?  Check it out! {HERE}

2. I’m SO excited that it’s peach season! I think the peach is my all-time fav fruit.  I just searched ‘peach’ on pinterest, and now I’ve gotta make Peach and Mustard Glazed Pork Chops, Grilled Peaches, Peach Jam, Fresh Peach Pound Cake, and a Rustic Peach and Strawberry Tart!  OH YEAH, YUM!  I’ve got to get to a farmers market soon!

3. Lastly, our (well…my) NEW favorite game to play which was introduced to us by our DIL is SPOT IT.  It is SO frustratingly fun to play!  I like games…although, my male-dominant household…not so much.  But sometimes I get lucky and get to play a few hands, yeah!

Have a great day!  Learn or do something NEW!