Miscellaneous Monday…NEW stuff i gotta share

sunsetaftergraduation2 sunsetaftergraduationbw

Happy Monday!…and I want your opinion. Do you think this storm/sunset photo is better in color or B/W? I had son #4 snap this pic as we drove home from his high school graduation.  Good thing I took my camera to graduation. The trick was to crop out all the freeway sign melange! :o)

Other miscellany:

I’m enjoying Wonderful Word Wednesday tremendously! I’m making up my own little story (a mind map) so I can remember these NEW words that I’m adding to my vocabulary.  I also really enjoy corresponding via email with a co-worker of mine because she uses a few words that are new to me. “Suss” being the most recent.  Everyone should add British slang words to their vocab – right?

I was inspired to take pics of weeds on one of my shooting journeys because I had loved Melinda’s wonderful weed collection {HERE}.


Here are a couple of NEW (to me) graphics that I’ve fallen in love with lately:


This was a post entitled ‘Stop postponing happiness’.  Very cool!


I thought this was great advice (some I need to personally take, because sometimes if I don’t succeed the very first time, I move on).

And lastly, I may have mentioned that I love anything coconut and I love anything peachy.  I must make these popsicles – cuz it’s getting HOT out there!


Have a great day! Do something NEW!