NEW taste Tuesday


Happy Tuesday! Here’s a new taste at our house: Quinoa.  (Although I’ve had a couple of bags of it sitting around for probably over a year…with good intentions on incorporating this nutritious ingredient into our meals!)  Better late than never, right?  Here’s a pic of the cooking process:


And here’s the recipe (gorgeously-styled photograph from my phone):


Have a great day! Do or cook something NEW!

a NEW recipe…Sweet Potato Quinoa Patties


I’m sure you all know the great health benefits of quinoa, right?  I’ve been meaning to try and incorporate this ‘superfood’ into our diet for a while now…so I finally tried this NEW recipe.  These were super easy because I cooked the quinoa in my rice cooker (no babysitting whatsoever!) and the sweet potatoes in my pressure cooker…EASY!   Talk about healthy, heaLTHY, HEALTHY!   The only time-consuming part was cooking them in the skillet.  I cooked the patties one-by-one in a non-stick pan as instructed…but I think you could probably do multiple patties on a big griddle. (??) Here’s the actual recipe link.

I’m glad I tried this NEW recipe!  Have a great day! Do or Learn something NEW!