a NEW iPhone Friday photo…and a NEW recipe


So I took a photo of my dinner with my phone on Wednesday….because I need to keep my Friday phone pic theme going, right?  Well this soup was delicious.  It was a freezer meal from my dear friend {I’ve posted about freezer meals previously}…so it’s a NEW recipe for me too!  Have a great Friday!  Do or Learn…OR EAT something NEW!Souprecipe


NEW green smoothie recipes


Hi all!  Well, day 2 of my 28-day challenge was to make a green smoothie.  Although this wasn’t much of a ‘challenge’ at all (because I regularly make them), I thought maybe I’d research some NEW and different varieties to try in the future. When I signed up for this challenge, I had no idea what would be expected of me….but so far they’ve been very do-able… thank goodness!

Check out these green smoothie varieties:

Ginger Spinach Green Smoothie

Coconut Green Smoothie

5 other varieties

And last but NOT LEAST,  you should check out The Green Smoothie Girl website.  It must not be a coincidence that she’s doing some FREE seminars in MY AREA this week!  (Don’t you love it when stuff like that happens!?!)  I think I’ll check my calendar and attend if I can.

Try a NEW smoothie recipe or something else NEW today!