a NEW Christmas tradition

I once heard that if you do something more than twice it’s a tradition :o)!  Well, I guess I have a NEW Christmas tradition!  I love the looks of cross-stitched pieces and although I can’t seem to do too many of these projects (because I get a bit annoyed after a while at the monotony of the up/down motion)….the last two or three years I’ve managed to finish one each year.  Woo hoo! Right?!?  I’ve decided to continue this ‘tradition’, because if I make Christmas themed cross-stitch projects, maybe they won’t end up at the GoodWill after I die.  Maybe , just maybe, my great-grandchildren will cherish them….(as long as they only have to display them about 4 weeks each December).

The BELIEVE cross-stitch piece above is last year’s project and I just finished framing it today.   Here’s pics of the process….I REALLY recommend DIY picture framing!!!  (Yes, I use our ping-pong table for mat cutting).

It’s ready to go on display in December!  Yeah!  Now it’s time to decide on this year’s project.  I’m contemplating this project below.  What do you think?

I found it at ABC Stitch Therapy