Royal Icing Accents

Each time I make and decorate cookies, it seems I always have left-over icing. About a month ago, I was trying to be efficient and knew I’d need some wacky eyes for Halloween cookies this month. So I made a bunch of eyes and stored them away.

It was REALLY¬†nice to whip them out, and have them ready to go!¬† From now on, I’m going to try and use up all the left-over icing after each cookie-making session. At Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle there is a terrific tutorial about making accents from left-over icing. Plan ahead and make some NEW accents for future use!

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a NEW hobby

I’m excited to explore a NEW hobby! Have you seen the GORGEOUS decorated sugar cookies that are everywhere? I’ve been researching as many tips as I can…now it’s down to the PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT stage. Wish me luck!

A few FABULOUS sites for inspiration, tips and techniques are University of Cookie, Karen’s Cookies, and Sweetopia!

What NEW thing have you learned or have done today??? Please share!